• We are meeting all standards the ETI and BSCI code of conduct. We are registered on Sedex.
  • The over all production takes place in a metal controlled zone.
  • Metal detectors are in place in the Metal Free Zone in the packing section where every product passes through stringent check points to ensure that all the garments are metal free.


  • Our inspiration has been our esteemed buyers who have always appreciated our products, adherence to standards and commitment to deliver.
  • We have the best professionals, world class machinery and equipments and the spirit to revolutionize the trade.


Flat Kniting Machines(Head Oprt) 2GG/2,3.5GG/4,7GG/8,10GG/2,12GG/8 FLYING TIGER(TAIWAN)
Flat Kniting Machines(Head Oprt) 2.5GG/19,4GG/40,5GG/9,6GG/52,7GG/10 LOCAL
Flat Kniting MachinesSingle Bed(hand Oprt) 4GG/16,6GG/5,8GG/8,12GG/30 LOCAL
Computer Knitting Machines 10GG/2,8GG/1 UNIVERSAL
Computer Knitting Machines 10GG/2,8GG/1 UNIVERSAL
Computer Knitting Machines 6,2GG/5,12GG/40 STOLL
Sweing Machines 50 JUKI
Overlock Machines 5 JUKI
Flatlock Machines 5 JUKI
Button Hole Machines 6 JUKI
Linking Machines 2.5GG/6,4GG/5,6GG/18,8GG/35,12GG/25 LPM
Computer Emb Machines 6HEAD/1,12HEAD/3 TAJIMA
Dryclean Bowe Machines 1 BOWE ITALY
Hidro Machines 6 FEBCARE
Wahing Machines 6 FEBCARE
Tumbler Machines 4 VOLTEX
Steam Press 10 PARKAL
Yarn Winders 5 KALIA
Boiler 1 LOCAL